Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sad Christmas for me

I can't believe Christmas na.
I know I should be in a happy mood  but I'm down since my lil boy is sick :(
He has fever (38C) and a bad cough!
I just hope he gets better na. We will visit his Pedia tomorrow...Haysh...

Here's my baby boy kanina... :(

My eldest was also sick last week, she has pneumonia.. sigh...but she's feeling better na with the help of antibiotics and nebulization....

Here's my goofy girl...

My Christmas wish is sana wag na maging sickly ang mga anak ko... 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mini Pictorial (Late Post)

I did this for MCNP's 2013 Babies in Nappies Calendar Contest.
Hope my son will be included :)

Camera: CANON SX120is (point and shoot)
Place: Our room hehehe! 
OFFICIAL ENTRY: Mommy's Little Hoot (since I love Owls!)

sayang this one got blurred... :(

Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIYs for Arkin's Christening

I love DIYs.
Arkin's Christening was a small affair and making few DIYs was easy or me.

DIY # 1 Invitation Layout

Plain and Simple (requested by hubs..no embellishments)
I had them printed at Picture City (but I recommend Photoline)

Printing: P7.50 each
Envelope: P15.00 for 10 envelopes ( I bought 2)

DIY # 2 Tarpaulin Layout

This was the original LO

but Hubs didn't like it and so I changed it to this

Got them printed at Shades (Pacita)
I forgot the size.. I think it's 3x6... not sure


Here's my son adoring himself

In action at the reception

DIY # 3 Cupcake Toppers

This was the original design:

But I got bored with my usual round toppers so I changed it to this:

Here's the result...

Glad it turned out nice :)

Toothpick: P11
Printing: NONE (a friend printed it for me)

DIY # 4: Owl Lanterns

Yes, I am addicted to Owls.. so I thought of making an owl lantern :)

super cute noh?

in action

Lantern: P45 each at Celebrations (Festival Mall)
Construction Paper: P10/ pack (bought from Shopwise)

DIY # 5 Balloon Centerpiece

The least thing that I want to do!
 I don't like balloon twisting but I was able to finish 7 centerpieces. Whew!!!!
I will hire someone to do this next time! Ang hirap eh!
Layout for the base/stabilizer

In action:

Balloons Size 12: P80 (10pcs)
Balloons Size 10: P49 (25 pcs) bought 2 packs
Balloon Sticks: P30 (10 sticks)
Ribbons: P10
Crepe Papers: Gold P22 each (bought 2)
Paper Tissue: P10
Paper Bowl: P39 (10pcs) - for stabilizer
Sand: None - for stabilizer

DIY # 5 Chocolate Labels

This was not in my plan but when I saw one in Etsy and I can't stop myself from doing it!

Our guests loved it!

Hersheys Miniatures: P250
Printing: Free!
Double Sided Tape: P23

DIY # 6 Souvenirs for our guests

I chose a candle with Blue Tulle (just the souvenir from Lexi's Christening in 2007)

Souvenir Tags

Tulle: P45/yard
Ribbons: P15
Label Printing: P7.50 each at Picture City (printed 3pcs)
Candles: P55 (6pcs) I bought 3 packs

DIY #7 Token for Godparents


Thank you Tag for the box 


Tumbler: P39 each (Shopwise)
Blue Paper: P10/pack (Shopwise)
Printing: FREE!
Thank you Label at the box: FREE!

DIY # 8 Christening Candle Decor

Just to prettify plain white Esperma candles :)

Ribbons: P5
Label Printing: FREE!
Candles: P39 (20pcs)

Double Sided Tape: P32
Scotch Tape: P7

Don't over think your ideas--

keep it simple but make it personalized!!!

Don't over think your ideas--keep it simple but make it personalized.

Read more: DIY: Christening Favors | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6617820_diy_-christening-favors.html#ixzz2DSeyLuBE

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Arkin Miguel's Christening

Arkin was christened last Sunday, Nov 25, 2012 (11:00am) at San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Church.
I just feel so happy for him.

Welcome to the Christian World, anak!

Sharing you some photos of the event


Sunbaby Cloth Diaper (Circuit)
Fisher Price Shoes

Chaps White Polo Shirt
RL Romper
RL Shirt
Baby Gap Jeans
Sunbaby Cloth Diaper (Stripes)
Nike Sneakers


 Ate Lexi looking sooo girly (boyish talaga siya eh)

 merienda muna

 such a sweet smile

He looks like a lil congressman  :)




At this time, we can't afford a lavish spending so we decided to have a very simple Christening celebration.

my DIY Tarp layout

We ordered 3 Monster Meal Deal + extra rice

Cupcakes from Iko's 
Cupcake toppers - DIY

Cake from Iko's 
(Major Fail! We got it Saturday night and the frosting melted causing the letters to drop one by one! huhuhu!)

Ate Lexi was running somewhere...

Arkin's Godparents (and my close friends from work)

(my IL's)

We had a very simple party for a small crowd of 30.
I am really not a fan of big parties that's why I kept the guest list limited to family, godparents and super close friends.


He loves his new toys :)

It was a very special day indeed.

My post for Christening DIYs is next :)