Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIYs for Arkin's Christening

I love DIYs.
Arkin's Christening was a small affair and making few DIYs was easy or me.

DIY # 1 Invitation Layout

Plain and Simple (requested by embellishments)
I had them printed at Picture City (but I recommend Photoline)

Printing: P7.50 each
Envelope: P15.00 for 10 envelopes ( I bought 2)

DIY # 2 Tarpaulin Layout

This was the original LO

but Hubs didn't like it and so I changed it to this

Got them printed at Shades (Pacita)
I forgot the size.. I think it's 3x6... not sure


Here's my son adoring himself

In action at the reception

DIY # 3 Cupcake Toppers

This was the original design:

But I got bored with my usual round toppers so I changed it to this:

Here's the result...

Glad it turned out nice :)

Toothpick: P11
Printing: NONE (a friend printed it for me)

DIY # 4: Owl Lanterns

Yes, I am addicted to Owls.. so I thought of making an owl lantern :)

super cute noh?

in action

Lantern: P45 each at Celebrations (Festival Mall)
Construction Paper: P10/ pack (bought from Shopwise)

DIY # 5 Balloon Centerpiece

The least thing that I want to do!
 I don't like balloon twisting but I was able to finish 7 centerpieces. Whew!!!!
I will hire someone to do this next time! Ang hirap eh!
Layout for the base/stabilizer

In action:

Balloons Size 12: P80 (10pcs)
Balloons Size 10: P49 (25 pcs) bought 2 packs
Balloon Sticks: P30 (10 sticks)
Ribbons: P10
Crepe Papers: Gold P22 each (bought 2)
Paper Tissue: P10
Paper Bowl: P39 (10pcs) - for stabilizer
Sand: None - for stabilizer

DIY # 5 Chocolate Labels

This was not in my plan but when I saw one in Etsy and I can't stop myself from doing it!

Our guests loved it!

Hersheys Miniatures: P250
Printing: Free!
Double Sided Tape: P23

DIY # 6 Souvenirs for our guests

I chose a candle with Blue Tulle (just the souvenir from Lexi's Christening in 2007)

Souvenir Tags

Tulle: P45/yard
Ribbons: P15
Label Printing: P7.50 each at Picture City (printed 3pcs)
Candles: P55 (6pcs) I bought 3 packs

DIY #7 Token for Godparents


Thank you Tag for the box 


Tumbler: P39 each (Shopwise)
Blue Paper: P10/pack (Shopwise)
Printing: FREE!
Thank you Label at the box: FREE!

DIY # 8 Christening Candle Decor

Just to prettify plain white Esperma candles :)

Ribbons: P5
Label Printing: FREE!
Candles: P39 (20pcs)

Double Sided Tape: P32
Scotch Tape: P7

Don't over think your ideas--

keep it simple but make it personalized!!!

Don't over think your ideas--keep it simple but make it personalized.

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  1. Hi sis. May word copy kapa nung original Tarp design mu sana? Want that design kasi. Or san mu nlng po nakuha ung pinaka-background na blue? Pls reply. Thanks. :)

  2. Can I have atleast the background for the tarp #2? Thank you. God bless!