Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sad Christmas for me

I can't believe Christmas na.
I know I should be in a happy mood  but I'm down since my lil boy is sick :(
He has fever (38C) and a bad cough!
I just hope he gets better na. We will visit his Pedia tomorrow...Haysh...

Here's my baby boy kanina... :(

My eldest was also sick last week, she has pneumonia.. sigh...but she's feeling better na with the help of antibiotics and nebulization....

Here's my goofy girl...

My Christmas wish is sana wag na maging sickly ang mga anak ko... 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mini Pictorial (Late Post)

I did this for MCNP's 2013 Babies in Nappies Calendar Contest.
Hope my son will be included :)

Camera: CANON SX120is (point and shoot)
Place: Our room hehehe! 
OFFICIAL ENTRY: Mommy's Little Hoot (since I love Owls!)

sayang this one got blurred... :(

Happy Holidays!!!