Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grocery Shopping!

I really enjoy grocery shopping. 
Ever since I was younger, I'd be so excited when my parents ask me to go with them to do grocery shopping. 

I do love it for some reason. 
I just love the feel, the atmosphere of being in a grocery store. there's something about it, I can't explain. 
I enjoy looking through all the foods and prices and ingredients in stuff
I could stay at the grocery store for hours at a time. 

We do our grocery shopping at Shopwise. 
I know you will be find me so mababaw but I call SHOPWISE my happy place.
We love Shopwise because the prices are so reasonable and affordable, and the promos are great, too! 
There are other groceries in the area, but we go to Shopwise because of these.

I also love their rebate card called Wisecard. When you shop, you earn 1 point for every peso you spend there. 10,000 points is equivalent to a 100 peso voucher which you can use one time in any Shopwise branch.
You can't convert this to cash and you have to use it within six months of having claimed it.

I love love this ongoing promo at Shopwise!

I already have the 3pcs Spag and Steak Set, 3pcs Dinner Set and 6pcs Soda Spoons Set. Yay!

See below link for more information about the promo:

Am I crazy? or does any one else enjoy grocery shopping as much as i do?


  1. You're not mababaw sis. I love Shopwise too! =)

    1. thanks sis! hehe! Super love ko talaga mag grocery sa Shopwise!

  2. I agree with you - grocery shopping is sooo fun. (Imagine being surrounded by all those food!) I've never been to Shopwise though. I go to Landmark or Waltermart for my groceries. :)