Saturday, March 10, 2012

banapple ATC

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Since I'm a certified sweet tooth; I was really excited to try Banapple which opened in ATC (located at ATC's new wing lower GF) yesterday.

Hubby, Lexi and I went there today and true enough I was super satisfied.

Here are some pics of the place:

My daughter while waiting for her cake...

the waitress gave her this freebie fan =)

I ordered blueberry cheesecake for Lexi...

Here she is eating the cake =)

and I ordered White Chocolate Truffle Berry... and oh my! It's super yummy! I love it! 

Hubby (who's not a sweet tooth) ordered Iced Choco Drink.. and well.. it ended up with Lexi =)

The place is kinda small but the interior is fantastic. 
The table looks like it's embedded with  M&Ms (Lexi said and I agree..hehe!).
I really like this area where they placed some knick knacks..looks so cute... 

We will definitely go back after I give birth... =)

And of course here's a DS that I made...

PolkaDot Scraps by Chassity

You can check out banapple's website in this link below:

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