Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthing Story - Baby # 1 Lexi

About me and my Hubby:  
When i was 18 years old, I met the man i knew i was supposed to be with for the rest of my life and i knew he felt the same way so it wasn't a shock when i fell pregnant after being with him for 6 years. Our families where really happy and i had a really easy pregnancy,but towards the last few months i was really getting anxious to have my bub as it was summer and with the extra weight i was carrying,it was making it hard to stay cool 

Most unusual cravings: 
I love Oishi Chips Onion Flavor!!!

Morning sickness: 
When it started, how I tried to cure it. I didn't get morning sickness that bad but there was a couple of times when i would feel sick but the weird thing about that was i would only get it right on 10pm so when it was bedtime i would be sick and when it was morning i would sleep until i got hungry HA HA but this only lasted for about 2 months tops then all i did was eat eat EAT

The baby's sex
 On my 23rd week scan we both agreed to find out the sex of the baby because we really wanted to know whether to start buying blue or pink so when the doctor said we were expecting a girl we were over the moon especially me as I wanted a baby girl to dress up with.My hubby didn't have a frown on his face for at least a week and i really couldn't wait to go and tell everyone!!!

Best piece of advice someone gave me about giving birth:
It was definitely Ate Olive and Jochen( my co-nurses).Both told me it''ll gonna hurt like hell but once you see the baby, pain will be gone in an instant!!!

Worst piece of advice someone gave me about giving birth: 
It was another co-nurse telling me that it's like an elephant digging on your back.. waaaahhhh

Favorite maternity clothes/shoes: 
 I have no choice but to wear my typical uniform at work and it includes sneakers!! ( i Hate wearing them).But when it came to get ups outside the hospital;i really loved to wear my baggy t-shirt and maternity pants and Havaianas Flipflops!!! (love it!)  or when i was at home it would be sando and shorts! i never went for fashion,i went for comfort and i believe that every pregnant woman should choose comfort over fashion! its cheaper too ...ha ha!

Hospital of choice? 
well at first, i opted for St.Margareth Clinic (my OB owns it) since I was on a tight budget  but i was 8weeks prior to having my baby, i suffered from preterm bleeding(due to lifting) which then turned into real preterm labor because I was then diagnosed with a rare kind of placenta previa.I was rushed to Asian Hospital's ER.Unfortunately, I was actually bleeding too much that my OB decided to confine me to bed for 2weeks!!  waaahh!!!  It was so hard because I cannot get up and cannot actually go to the bathroom to do my stuff!!! Well, I stayed at Asian Hospital for 10days,and I decided to go home with my OB's permission..observing bleeding precautions!!! 

One day after discharge, I had a recurrence of bleeding but without contractions, my OB was constantly texting me & reminding to feel my baby's movement. According to him, as long as the fetal movement is ok everthing will turn out well.But still.. I was bleeding everday..It was so scary and it was really stressing me out.I ask the Lord to help me and my baby.... It was June 14, 2007,at 34weeks (8 months) AOG, I decided that I can not take what's happening to me.. I told my OB that I'm decided to have a Cesarian Section. The following day,June 15, 2007 at 7am, I underwent CS. I was so anxious and  was really thinking about my baby. I was advised that there's a possibilty that my baby's going to the NICU since she's still premature.I prayed and prayed for my baby's wellness.I was half awake during the operation.I can even hear my OB and the other staff chatting. At 7:16am, I heard a baby's cry.. still groggy from Morphine.. I saw my beautiful child.. white as snow.. I felt relief!!! I realized that everything turned out well..No need for NICU.. I had a healthy baby girl... thank God!!!

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding? 
At first i was going to breast feed but when i had Lexi she was having trouble grasping on and i really wasn't ready to see my baby screaming to be fed so i grabbed a bottle and away she went.

About baby:   
ALEXI ISABEL......When she was born she had to be in the warmer for 6 hours as she had been extremely hypothermic!! She's a tiny baby.. 4.9lbs 45cms in length.. We took her home 5 days later and have to say that motherhood was an easy and enjoyable thing to me,i just love it!!! Lexi is now 2 months and is a breeze to raise,we have a lot of fun together and she so spoilt by the family. She gave me a thousand reasons to smile....

Thanks to my OB Dr. Eric Labios.... 

and of course Lord God...You're the best!!

Our First Family Picture

Tiny Lexi... 

Our sweet angel

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