Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Avengers Movie Date with Lexi and Hubs

We were supposed to bring Lexi to the Salon for her haircut but when I was looking at her locks, I  decided not to cut it nalang. Sayang eh! Tagal nameng pinahaba (kasi she was born bald)
So Hubs said "What are we going to do now? Want to go to the mall?...Of course, we said YES!!!
Tamang tama kasi opening ng The Avengers today.
Inside the cinema, Lexi was being her makulit self.
She was looking around, standing and talking alot.. ang kulit talaga. kaloka!
But it's okay, I still enjoyed the movie (and the cheese popcorn).

I just noticed, parang pareho yung concept ng The Avengers at Transformers dun sa part wherein the aliens were transported to Earth via portal. Hehe!

 Ms Lexi posing for me

Hubs and Lexi at McDo before the movie

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