Friday, April 13, 2012

My Wish List while on ML

Gosh.. I have soo many things that I wanna buy while I'm on ML.
I always check eBay and I can't help drooling over these items:

Avent Manual Breastpump
* need to replace the brand that I just bought since it does not pump enough milk

Portable Sewing Machine
* Yes, I'm into sewing too.. I want to buy this so that I can sew curtains, pillow cases, etc for the lil one and Ate Lexi

iPad 2
* We had the iPad 1 before and would to buy this for my lil girl.. she's been an honor student and would like to  give this to her as a gift

Canon CISS Printer
* I wanna print some pictures and be a lil crafty designing cakes, cupcakes for coming occasions while I'm on leave

Canon DSLR
* Since I have a newborn, I want to take high quality photos

Oh well, so many things in my mind right now.. 
I just wish our budget can accomodate these wishes soon  :)


  1. so excited for your wish lists Ate Liz.

  2. Just curious, what pump are you using? :)

  3. sis, Farlin lang kasi cheapo pero not worth it...