Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby # 2 Birthing Experience

It's my 10th day post CS.. now lang ako nagka-energy to post my Birthing Experience.

Here it is =)

April 1, 2011:
NPO-Nothing per mouth at 12MN

April 2, 2012
6:40am-arrived at hospital,admitted, signed consent,OB History,etc

7:00am-IV insertion ( 2 shots, ER nurse missed the first one..ouch!)

7:20am-went to my room

10:30am-wheeled to OR

10:35am-induction ng spinal anesthesia... whew! i can still remember the feeling.. super groggy!! the catheter will be inserted after the anes induction..

11:08am-BABY OUT! Yay!
-no pictures during the CS.. waaah!!! 
they forgot to get my cam from Hubs =(
I forgive them kasi super toxic that day (they have 14 OR scheduled)

11:20-transitioned to Recovery Room
11:20am-4:00pm - trans-out from Recovery Room,wheeled back to my room
**Painscale 9/10

April 3, 2012
7am-I started to walk slowly

9am-Catheter was removed, IV out-no need to reinsert

10am-BABY was roomed in.
Ate Lexi fell inlove with her baby brother immediately!

Soft diet was advised
**Painscale 6/10

April 4, 2012
*Discharged in the morning*

April 7, 2012
Incision Dressing (no signs of infection)

Overall, di naman ako masyado nahirapan.
Nung nasa room na ko after recovery room, dun ako nahirapan kasi masakit yung tahi pero may round the clock IV pain meds naman. Kainis lang yung NUBAIN na IV med kasi super sakit sa vein!

I am super happy with my baby boy.
He's worth all the pain.

I thank God for this wonderful birthing experience. 

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